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Dr. Sasha (Alex) Lessin & Janet Lessin, P.T.S. *

Question: Why do people decide to be polyamorous? 

Sasha: One reason that came from a good friend when asked, "Why did you decide to be polyamorous?" 

  Our friend said: "I've been in many monogamous relationships, many fraught with jealousy and fear of my partner finding someone "better than me" or vice-versa. I'd speak harshly, distain or mock my partner and get away with it. My monogamous partners couldn't get me to stop my digs and sarcasm. 

 "Then I joined a tantric family. I got several intimates who call me on my unkindness. I'm so glad. I learned that when I hurt someone else, I'm really hurting myself the most. 

Also, I now know that I'm a lovable, loving person, because I have several men and women communicating that to me. I'm not afraid and acting out. I feel a lot freer, a lot happier in my soul.  There is always someone to love with, and the variety keeps each relationship special. I wouldn't go back to monogamy for the world." 

Investigate the possibilities of a polyamorous (more than one love) lifestyle.  Ask us how you can make more love in your life, relate from your highest self with your lovers and housemates, uplevel jealousy into compersion (joy at your lovers' joy), and give them each the attention, companionship, touch and sexual-loving they need.   We'll teach you empathetic active listening, imago healing, relationship imaging, Voice Dialogue centering, tantric activation and sex magic to your lovelife.     

We think Polyamory, loving more than one person at the same time, is always a good choice.  No problem, love many.

But Polysexuality, more than one lover?  Polyamory with polysexuality–one of several relationship options–works well for some people some of the time.  But so, too, do any of the other relationship options--monogamy, singlehood, even celibacy works for other people some of the time.

Choose.  We advocate CHOICE.  Be the chooser, decider, author of this chapter of your life.  We want you to make discerning choices that serve you.  Make choices that facilitate your personal growth and evolution and at the same time honor and respect the people you commit to love.

You have relationship options–monogamy, celibacy, open marriage, pair-bonded inclusive relating, triads (man-woman-man, woman-man-woman, man-man-man, woman-woman-woman) polyfidelity, loving networks, group marriage, multi-generational line marriage, and more. You have heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual, pansexual alternatives within each.

Though you consult others, ultimately, you make your own choices, choices consonant with your stage of life, experience, needs at the time.


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