Dr. Sasha (Alex) Lessin & Janet Kira Lessin

Answer Questions from the More Loving Perspective
Fears Ostracism for Poly Orientation

Question: I'm a single woman, who'd love polyamory but I'm afraid that if I tell men this, they'll reject me. What should I say and when?

      Sometime in the early stages of relating you might bring up the subject in a casual manner, such as, "I've been looking at an interesting website or reading this (book, article, magazine) that describes a whole new way men and women are relating.  It's called polyamory.  Have you ever heard of it?"  If he has, you can draw him out on his feelings or opinions on it. If not, give the ideas to him in a neutral way and ask him what he thinks.  If he's accepting, share more, but if he's closed and negative, re-evaluate whether you wish to pursue your relationship with him or find others open to the lifestyle you want.

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