Dr. Sasha (Alex) Lessin & Janet Kira Lessin

Answer Questions from the More Loving Perspective
Can She Create Alchemy If She Lacks Chemistry with Him

Question: I'm attracted to a guy. I like his personality--the way he thinks, his values, his sense of humor. But I'm not sexually turned on to him? Will this change?

On the one hand, you might create passion. If you enjoy this man and feel uplifted with him, give him time and energy.  Commit with him to explore a relationship.  Focus on what has heart and meaning between you and interact with care and consciousness.  Show each other how you like to be loved--sexually, emotionally and spiritually.  Go together to a relationship workshop and learn to listen actively, speak lovingly and support each other emotionally. 

     Attend a tantra workshop or study the links on teaching a man how to pleasure you and how to pleasure a man. When you feel love and trust, connect on all chakras (energy centers--brow (intuition), perineum (security), belly (power), heart (love), throat (communication) and crown (spiritual).  Book a private session with a daka or dakini--a practitioner of the ancient and modern arts of love.  You might cultivate sexual passion.      

    On the other hand, you still might not, even with all this focused consciousness, turn-on sexually with your friend. Nonetheless, you'll learn much about yourselves and still have much to share. 

Blessed Damozel - Beauty & the Beast  
by Kevin Barnes